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Hello there!

I'm Wendie 

Welcome to my cozy digital resting spot! I hope my site fills you with a little bit of inspiration and joy.

I help women reset, get in touch with their bodies through their senses, and grow in their confidence and strength.  This site is a place to find clarity in health, wellness, and fitness.  

Here you'll find motivation, fresh inspiration, and unique tricks to transform your life and move you from confusion to clarity.  I strive to present a message of hope. 

You can find peace with your physical body and transform your outlook on what you are capable of. My mission is to take you from "I never want to be naked in front of my spouse" to ADORING your unique beautiful form. 


Your physical body is the vehicle for your purpose. Your level and quality of output is equal to and dependent on your intake. 

Fuel your mind and body correctly with the help of nutrient-rich foods, intentional strength training, and actively engaging with your thoughts. That way, you can show up for your purpose in full force!

You can love the body you have and still want to improve it or change it. 

Self-love isn't simply a bubble bath, but a state of appreciation for your physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

Exercise is medicine. 


I’m going to level with you. My health journey has been a long and difficult one! Starting from an early age I turned to food for comfort, which became my main coping mechanism when my emotions were too painful to deal with.

At my heaviest, I was 220lbs. 

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So, I decided to change, and while making better food choices and exercising regularly became part of my new routine, I still struggled with the mental aspect associated with weight gain and loss.

Why was I making choices that weren't in line with who I wanted to be?

What needed to be uncovered to help me stop self-sabotaging?

How could I set goals and follow through with them?

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Over the course of two years I lost 70lbs! I moved to Los Angeles and got certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine and became a personal trainer to help other people do the same. My passion for practical wellness and self development finally converged when I decided to become a life coach. I graduated from Co-Active Coaches Training Institute and became a Holistic Wellness and Fitness Coach.

Through my journey, I've had some incredible opportunities, including being a fitness model for Target's C9 Champion campaigns. It's been a wild ride. My passion is empowering women on their own self-healing journey, to discover what they are truly capable of.  


  • I love to hike

  • ​I've been snowboarding for 12 years

  • I used to live in Colorado 

  • I'm an enthusiastic bucket list checker

  • I love love love to travel 

  • I hail from St.Louis, Missouri 

  • I  can often be found researching the etymology of words

  • I watch The Great British Baking Show as a form of meditation

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