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Positive Self Talk Mantras

Change the conversation with yourself.

  • Progress, not perfection.

  • You are enough. Just the way you are right now.

  • My work does not define me.

  • My output and success is not equivalent to my self-worth.

  • You're only human. It's okay to mess up.

  • I am not my feelings. Feelings are temporary. They will pass.

  • Small progress is still progress.

  • You are worthy of an this opportunity.

  • You have permission. Go do the thing.

  • Just breathe.

  • I am unique, no one else is me and that's my superpower.

  • The healing journey may not be linear, but you’re on the right track.

  • You are capable of anything you put your mind to.

  • Every day, in every way, I'm growing stronger and stronger.

  • Today, I will show up for myself in loving kindness.

  • I can choose how I perceive every situation.

  • Change takes time, which involves patience. You can’t rush everything.

  • I co-create my life with God.

  • I direct my future.

  • I am a powerful person with the ability to create the transformation I most want in my life.

  • I choose what life I want.

  • I take advantage of all the opportunities surrounding me.

  • My potential is limitless.

  • I deserve the best that life has to offer.

  • The Universe and God supports me and my dreams.

  • I forgive myself and my past.

  • I am consistent, determined, and focused.

  • I speak positively over my life.

  • I am capable of overcoming my greatest fears and trust in my intuition to lead me on the right path.

  • I no longer crave validation but meaningful connections. I am secure in myself and who I am.

  • I am exactly where I need to be.

  • I love everything about my body.

  • Every morning I wake up with thoughts and feelings that are nourishing.

  • I am enthusiastic about every second of my life.

  • I give myself space to grow and learn.

  • I allow myself to be who I am without judgment.

  • I listen to my intuition and trust my inner guide.

  • I accept my emotions and let them serve their purpose.

  • I give myself the care and attention that I deserve.