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Tips for a Stress-Free Morning

Do you feel like you're constantly busy, but you're never really getting anything completed?

A simple way to make sure you maximize productivity and minimize stress is to plan out your day the night before.

I know. Groundbreaking stuff.

But I promise there is more to it. Sitting down with your calendar and your running to do list isn't enough.

Here is where to focus your attention:

  1. Organize your space

  2. Reflect to today

  3. Plan for tomorrow

  4. Relax your body and mind

Organize Your Environment

  • Clean your office space (if it is at home)

  • Pick out your outfit

  • Prep the coffee machine

  • Set breakfast aside

  • Put lunch into a tupperware

  • Declutter the kitchen and common areas

Reflect on the Day

  • Celebrate the 'wins' for the day (you can always find something!)

  • Find 1 things that you are grateful for and let it resonate through your body

  • Cross off anything on your list that you accomplished

  • Journal What didn't go well today? What can I do to make it better next time? What went well today? How can I build off that and continue that pattern? How do I want to show up for myself and others today, and how do I want to show up tomorrow? What do I want to feel like tomorrow?"

Plan for the Tomorrow

  • Step 1: Decide - What’s the most important thing I need to accomplish tomorrow tomorrow? + What’s the earliest I could get it done? (This should be a task that is important enough that if is the only thing you accomplish all day you will feel good about the day.)

  • Step 2: Pick two other important tasks (These are 'runner up' task. If your get task #1 done, then these are the next most important tasks.)

  • Block your time - I prefer to do this in 30 minute to 1 hour increments

  • Double check your To-Do list - are there any tasks that your can delegate or get rid off

Relax your Body and Mind

  • Turn off screens early

  • Connect to the other humans in your house

  • Do a short meditate

  • Stretch your body for 5 minutes

  • Turn on calming music

  • Get in bed early

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